Thursday, December 27, 2012

Secret To Winning Web Analytics: 10 Starting Points For A Fabulous Start!

I want to share where in your web analytics data you can find valuable starting points, even without any context about the site / business / priorities. Reports to look at, KPIs to evaluate, inferences to make. Here's what we are going to cover:
Step #1: Visit the website. Note objectives, customer experience, suckiness.
Step #2: How good is the acquisition strategy? Traffic Sources Report.
Step #3: How strongly do Visitors orbit the website? Visitor Loyalty & Recency.
Step #4: What can I find that is broken and quickly fixable? Top Landing Pages.
Step #5: What content makes us most money? $Index Value Metric.
Step #6: How Sophisticated Is Their Search Strategy? Keyword Tag Clouds.
Step #7: Are they making money or making noise? Goals & Goal Values.
Step #8: Can the Marketing Budget be optimized? Campaign Conversions/Outcomes.
Step #9: Are we helping the already convinced buyers? Funnel Visualization.
Step #10: What are the unknown unknowns I am blind to? Analytics Intelligence.
there is lot more things to explain ........ cant copy here

Q:A-> Bid Management for campaigns it will help you to place bid for your campaigns

st of the year? A:Yes Sure : For both ecomm and lead gen, different products and services will be affected by the season. Give more budget to campaigns affected positively and less to negatively. Also, front load spend if your budget is capped for ecomm! Q:Do you have a favorite method for identifying the best places to spend your money? A: Not really, just do a review of account history & current market research to combine historical data & predictions. Q:Do you only do budget allocation based on current campaigns, or do you do restuctures to better allocate? A: It depends how current structure is set up & what’s being affected by the season. If a few keywords are brining in most of the $ or negatively impacted stuff is in with positively impacted stuff, restructure to allow all the best stuff to get the most budget possible! Keep in mind that can affect quality scores, though, so be careful!(for google adwords and other keyword related campaigns Only) Q:Have you ever had just one keyword in one campaign so you could insure 100% impression share for it? A:I haven’t gone that far! I’ve done 1/ ad group. It makes sense if you have just a few keywords that have crazy ROAS & vol. Q:Where do you find out which days may be good and which may not? A: Like I said, any historical data from past seasons can be reviewed as well as search trend predictions. Q:Are there any automated rules you use to do budget allocation? A:I prefer to do things manually, but you could use a rule that increases or decreases campaign budgets based on CPA! Thanks Rishi